I Am Grateful.....


Actually it was yesterday. It was an especially wonderful day for me. I am grateful for so many things but here are just a few.

I am truly blessed and grateful for a man who is more than just a friend.  He surprised me  and was sitting in my livingroom when I got up, waiting for me, waiting to put his strong arms around me and tell me everything was going to be alright.  It meant the world to me. He always seems to know when I need him the most and he is there, ready to help. I was hurting so bad I could barely walk and he had taken the time to learn how to do my heat therapy to ease the pain in my joints. Thank you trooper, you are amazing.  Later, I was able to enjoy visiting with two of my good friends on EP, alteredego and ReeceH. That is always a blessing and makes my day brighter.

Today? I am blessed because my grandchildren came to see me.  They are so much fun and they keep me going!  It is always a pleasure to have them with me for the day. We watched Power Rangers and ate popcorn and ice cream and just had a good time. (I will probably pay for that ice cream/popcorn fest later...ewwww, my tummy doesn't feel so good! Ahh, to be 4 years old and have a cast-iron stomach hahaha)

Today was truly a good day for me. I don't have very many good days lately and I like to celebrate them when they come along. I am thankful for each and every day I am given.....they are a gift and I want to use them wisely :)

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Hahaha you are a Hoot!! LOL Well, he is not my husband just yet......but who knows, I may give in and marry the nice trooper one day :) I do love him! Thank you for your comments and have a wonderful Monday!!

Hahaha don't you just love my grandson? That child is too fun and we are of the same mind.....what can we get into today?! :) And that darling granddaughter of mine just loves braiding my hair and making me look all "girly", I've never worn so many pink and sparkly things in my life!!!! As for you, young man, I don't know that I do much more than drive you crazy but I have a ball when I'm with you, thank you for all that you do for me ((hugs)) and love.

I did that because you have done so much for me. It was little compared to all the ways you brighten up my life and I am thankful I know you. Ice cream and popcorn?? Hmmm.....sounds like you had quite a day with those two adorable grandkids but I know they had a blast with the cutest little Grandmama on the planet! You and that grandson of yours are just too much when you get together:)

Thank you G. And I promise, I won't let him go...besides, I sure as heck don't want you kicking my butt! You are a hoot!

Girl that Trpr is a real keeper, don't you let him go or I'll kick your little butt!!! You are blessed because you are always a blessing to those of us who know you, hon. Love ya, Sis :)

My friend, unshakable, thank you from my heart. I am indeed blessed knowing I have friends like you!<br />
<br />
Artsydesigns ~ thank you for your comments.....I am a fortunate woman. Bless you and sending you a hug ;) Giggles

I am soooo happy for you dear friend.I pray to GOD to BLESS you with MANY GOOD DAYS.MAY GOD TAKE THE JOINT PAIN AND PERFORM HIS MIRACLES ON YOU.

Aaww, thank you dear man. I am very blessed to have friends like you! Hey, Happy Australia Day to you!!!! :)

I am grateful to you, giggles, for sharing your gratitude and your friendship! Stay strong!

Thank you, I count my blessings every day.

You are very fortunate!

Very true, as I wrote I kept thinking of so many things I'm thankful for....and how I look forward to tomorrow. :)