It's Just Okay.

I'm currently reading "The Steel Wave" by Michael Shara. I think that's spelled right.

Any way, it's his 2nd book in his fictional WWII trilogy. This one focuses on the people and events just before and after the Normandy Invasion. I'm about 1/2 way through, just on the eve of the invasion. I'll let you know who wins!

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Black Satin, sounds intriguing. Care to add a general description?<br />
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I picked up a copy of Angels and Demons from a junk store last week. A nice little potboiler but I found it very predictable.

Me--Black Satin--nice arousing lil book.

lol. how did u know i have a copy of "in cold blood" on my bookshelf? actually i didn't read it until last year though. after all these years, i finally got around to it. i haven't read any books on wurnos but i've seen many crime shows about her story.

My mother used to tell me she didn't care what I read as long as I did read. You gain so much from reading anything.<br />
I like all kinds of books. Fiction and non. Lighter detective stuff like Robert Parker to serious history and biography like Robert Caro. Reading is great, and great fun.<br />
Like the shoe ad says "Just do it!".<br />
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"Death Row Women", eh? Are you an Eileen Worno fan (I hope I spelled that right)? Knowing you I'm sure there's a worn out copy of "In Cold Blood" on your bookshelf!

your book is much deeper than mine. i've been reading death row women. lol. but it is interesting though.