5 Things

Five things I can'[t live without:

A very special man in my life.  He is compassionate and caring. He always knows when I am having a bad day and he loves me for me.  HMM is he just in my imagination or is he real yet?

My cell phone because it keeps me connected to my RL friends.

A nice clean bathroom with good toilet paper and grossly thick towels.

Great sex because it keeps me connected with sanity!!!

My EP friends because they are there for me even when my RL friends aren't




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18 Responses May 28, 2008

Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me.

Happiness! Because that is the biggest thing in life that will give you the will to survive.

Great posts all of you.

Mine would be:<br />
1) My husband<br />
2) My animals (dogs, cat)<br />
3) My family (especially my mom)<br />
4) My computer (including internet connection)<br />
5) TV & Cable (my second addiction lol)<br />
<br />

My dog, my boyfriend, my house (it's my personal space and my sanctity and sanity), kindness, hugs. Oh gosh, did ya have to limit it to FIVE????????? lmao...there are soooooooooooooo many!

Mello you had me right up to Whole grains, but I got back in at Chocolate. lol

And speaking as one of your fantasies I can't live without you either Keith lol.

I can't live without my fantasies. They give me a special world where only the things I find exciting exist.

Fake or real I sincerely love you all.

You mean your 'fake' friends bass? hie hie hie

All of you have such beautiful thoughts here. I love reading these.

My friends on EP :)

Mello cheated, she said FIVE things. Not fair!


1: YOU<br />
2:YOU<br />
3:YOU<br />
4:YOU<br />

Food, water, oxygen, love, and for me, God.<br />
<br />
As for things I wouldn't want to do without: friends; good books; long baths; ****; a good wine occasionally; thunderstorms; sleeping late; travel; thick, soft TP; autumn; good music; fun;...

Amen to that.. Thick towels and thick toilet paper because I don''t want to feel my fingers through either one.