What J Cant Live Without? You!

Ok, so first of all...when we were talking today and u sent me that text i couldnt do anything but laugh when u described the dream u had, lol. But for 2 reasons:
1-Obvs u killed her, lol
2-Jay would be happy without you.

Coz yeah, like...look how well J has moved on...SOOOOOOO good that he keeps COMING back and got P!SSED when he seen i was still a big part of your life....CLEARLY CLEARLY over you isnt he? :P

J is a child Belle...Do u not get that? He's a spoilt brat tbh, lol. He knew how good u were for him and he threw that away....But trust me Belle. U know how much you've chnaged my life....Jay will have fuc.king nightmares about walking away from you. He walked away from YOU. Either he's BADLY BADLY fuc.ked in the head or he's gay....HAS to be one of them and im hoping it's Gay coz..well....when i met him...He seemed as straigh as a roundabout, lol.

Men are fuc.king idiots and we take things for granted...especially the things we love..and Jay did that with you coz Belle....Trust me....you are one fuc.king AMAZING Person absoutley AMAZING. I mean look at all you're going through and then like..you're still keeping your family positive and keeping them sane...Not many people can do that.

Jay knows what he's lost and yeah..ok..he might not want it now...But u seen how p!ssed he got when he seen i was still here...If he doesnt have feelings for u...why get so p!ssed?
Because he knows he cant have u back. He wanted u nthere so that when sh!t does clear up with him he can go..

"yeah i want a relationship again"

but he cant do that now and there isnt a chance in hell i'd have let u go back anyway.

Yeah...he doesnt have feelings for you :/ He lost it when he seen he wasnt the only thing in your life anymore.

He wont ever be happy with anyone and i'll give u reasons ok...

Men...cant go backwards in a relationship. THis is one of Chris Rock's most famous clips...I'll show u later..

Basically...once women introduce something into a relationship....Men...wont be happy in another one..unless it brings the same or MORE.

Chris Rock "Women..Becarful what u bring into the bedroom..."I think i'll wear high heels tonight"....NO..you wearing high heels EVERY night" lol..

So..let's look at this yeah...

.Got him off drugs, drink.
.Got a relationship betwenn him and his dad.
.Made him feel LOVED and cared for..for the first time in his life.
.Set his groups up online.
.Dealt with the ABUSE he gave u everynight..coz maybe he might change.
.Were there CONSTANTLY for him...day and night..through his cancer, through some of the hardest times of his life.
.Set ur alarm for 5am so he could wake up to a text even if he gave u dogs abuse the night before.

Ahhhh know what..fck it...I could go on and on and on...What im saying is...Jay wont ever be happy again coz NO woman would put WITH THAT SH!T.

this is what it would be like...

"Treat me like sh!t? Fu.ck u..im gone...Im not sticking around for this @sshole"

And Jay?

"I had ONE girl who was there for me, did everything for me, gave me everything...she's the ONLY girl that ever made me feel loved...wtf did i do? Why did i leave?"

And he will end up...Unhappy and alone and with you on his mind 24/7...I have no doubt in that....I wouldnt be able to live without you...and he had u at your BEST...Trust me trust me trust trust me trust me!!!!! HE WONT EVER BE HAPPY! I promise you

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Dec 7, 2012