Collecting Things

I do not know if this is sad, funny or just plain silly.  I love stuffed animals and have collected them for many years.  I still have my very first stuffed animal that was given to me when I was a baby. They mean so many things to me and at so many different times.  They are friends that always listen to me no matter what mood I may be in, they never judge me.  I know that they are not real so can not love, but they comfort me as no person ever has (yet) in my life.    They are everywhere, on my bed, on the floor in neat rows, on top of my dressers, on my computer desks, every where, including in my closet and various other places in my home.

I have a granddaughter, who is now 2, who is the apple of my eye and the joy in my heart.  I also have a grandson, who is 5 months old.  I have not met him yet, but love him just as much.    The first time that I got to have my granddaughter stay with me, I got out my very first stuffed animal..the light in her eyes when she say it, was absolutely amazing.  I had not seen her since she was 5 months old until Thanksgiving of 2008, but amazed me that when she came into my room and saw the animals there, she went right to the very first one she had ever seen.   I was doubly amazed that the first word that I had ever heard her say was " frrennd" (friend)         Alot of people think that I am really foolish, silly and just plain bonkers because I collect my stuffed friends, but, I do not think that I am.  I think that everyone has a right to thier opinion, but....for me, I felt really special when my granddaughter recognized my little friend.   It seemed to remind me at a time that I really needed reminding that though we may be seperated, whether by time, distance, choice or no choice, that we are truelly not forgotten, once we make a first and lasting impression upon someone.

To all of you that collect things, I say good for you! If you are happy then that is what counts. No one is like you, and no one can tell  your inner being what is wrong or right for you.  Only you can know that, so try not to give any wieght to what others say about your collection.  If you like what you collect, that is all that counts.

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1 Response Jun 8, 2009

There is nothing wrong with having a collection surrounding you that makes you happy. It truly doesnt matter what other people think about it. It is no different than me watching scooby doo for comfort every night as my enjoyment at the end of the day. Dont feel you need to give them to the kiids, they are for you to keep. I wish I knew where I read the story from a person who when they were a child and was scared her mother would take all of her stuffed animals and surround and cover her up to bring comfort. Never be ashamed or care what others may say, never. They too have their own little secrets that they hide, I am happy for you and I wish I had more stuffed animals other than the 4 teddy bears that I just cant sell at the yard sale. They make me happy when I see them and that is all that matters, and OMG my beloved goofy plush toy that makes me giggle when I see him, he is wearing swim wear, the ones that go to the knees and has an innertube around his waist. He has those big teeth and floppy ears. I think you may have inspired me to begin a new collection of plush toys to surround my bedroom with, mostly in the bed.