Missing My Three Little Babies Ages 4,3,and 2

Now what happed was I was trying to get my oldest son back from my parents (he is 10 years old) so dcf come over and everything was o.k  but then my they wanted my husband to come by the office to sign papers to close the case but he kept on telling them that he would be there at a certain time and he would never show up.So, one night they came over to our house at nine o clock at night and they wanted us to do a swab drug test on the spot and I had no problem with that cause I knew I was clean but my husband on the other hand smokes pot here and there.He did not no what to do so he just told them flat out that his test would show up dirty for pot. At first he had refused the test then decided to take it since he had already told them anyway and then she said she had no more forms left, to come up to the office the next day to take it. The next day we recieved a letter saying our case had been closed for two months already so he decided not to go up there and take it. So, my kids who are four ,three and two have been staying with my mother in law and she will not let me come down there and stay with them even though I have done nothing wrong,she says it will mess up her routine which I don't understand I would think she would want me to be there to help her with the kids.My husband is very peariod and wont let me bring them to where we are at he thinks that they are watching us and he even thinks that last weekend when we went down there on our way back he thinks that a helipoter flew over us and shined a light in the backseat of the car to see if we had the kids which I don't know if I believe that or not. But anyway to the point of the story I miss my kids so badly  its been three weeks now and they are so young I hope just doesnt hurt them forever. I cry all the time,in the morning when I wake up thats the first thing I do and I think about them all the time whether or not they are o.k or not. Also another question since me and my husband are still staying together  and say I went down there and got the kids and they found us by some chance could they take my kids away from me since I have not done anything?
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Do you anything about legal aid or how long it takes to get a divorce though legal aid? I already have the paper work but have not done it yet because he said that we would get a uncontested divorce but he has made no effort towards that yet so I think I am going to strat the proess.

divorce him get your kids back