Day to Day...

Kudos to 'Bass' for creating this group and having one hell of a story...'twas the inspiration for this piece.

Sunday morning 10-something A.M. Two days post B-day... What do I do when I miss them? I am not sure but let me give this a shot...

When it is about 8 AM on Sunday morning, go into the bathroom and cry... like clockwork. It was our day. It was our time. It was breakfast with her was heaven, with a small bit of annoyance sprinkled on top. And, I miss it and her more than you could possibly imagine. So, Sunday mornings I cry. It's my thing. I have coffee too, but a bit salty it can be....

What do you do when you lay in bed at night and look the right side of the bed realize that she aint there? I go sleep on the floor. Or don't sleep at all.

What do you do when someone else comes in and captivates you, and you need more of them, like a diabetic needs Insulin? I start a fight, and try to create distance. She can't bail on me if I bail first.

When all you need is your friends and your dog, but all you have is EP and a cup of coffee? I type. I hope that people read my crap and either enjoy it, or take something from it.

I want to go to them and plead them to come back, forgive, forget, substitute one memory for another. But, I don't and wont. I miss them and embrace the pain of being alone...I miss them.

What can you do when you miss them? Depending on who it is...I try not to think about it most times, but either way, day to day I die...just a little.

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*soft kisses* & *hugs*

Aww... Thank you. ;-)