When We Weren't Together...

...and we were doing the whole 'let's not speak because it's too hard to contact you' thing. I would cry. Not just little tears and little weeping. I mean full on tears, not breathing, wanting to scream the place down cry. But that would only come after weeks of holding it all in.

As soon as one of us would say we had to stop seeing each other, I would immedietly change. I would become quiet, I would become distant, I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Eventually I would start crying at stupid things on the tv. I would cry when I heard certain songs or smelt his aftershave.

I would sit on a bus or train or somewhere by myself and a tiny flicker of a memory would come back and I would cry again. But only tears, nothing else.

Then I would get the 'are you ok?' message. And that would set me off.

I have never cried so much over someone as I have over him. But he says he's done the same too. It doesnt make it better, I dont want to have to experience that again.

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1 Response Jan 5, 2009

Just cry it out, it helps.