This Question Caught My Eye And Caused Me To Giggle.

I guess it caught my eye because I was in a long meeting the other day and found myself doodling to keep me from talking.

It was a management meeting and I am not one to bite my tongue when I feel something needs to be said, or if asked my opinion. In this meeting I had already expressed myself, including my frustrations, a number of times and felt I was fast approaching the tolerance limits of upper management. So, in order to distract myself I started to doodle. I have never been good at drawing, so I usually find myself making geometric shapes for some reason.


WittyOne WittyOne
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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010 a matter of fact, many of them are, I especially like drawing the cubes.<br />
Do you think it is some sort of psychiatric disorder, like people with intense, irrational fears??<br />
At least it is not disabling, it just proves I can't draw worth a damn.

Are these geometric shapes in 3-D? I love making 3-D cubes and crosses for some reason.