I fear having to come across the heathen on the street at some point & time. By heathen I mean those poor souls whose innocence / childhood was destroyed by their parents, or whomever. And they have no humanity left in them, & so make sport of someone's pain.

I see them on the corners, they are numerous & loud. I don't care what they do / sell.  They seem like a pack of angry wolves, there is no reasonong with them.  And I stay out of view as much as possible.

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i fear big rats and that is all- thanks for your story its really good!

Scully, could you elaborate? Wait! I get it now...prejudice perhaps? But, this is my mindless maybe exaggerated fear. <br />
I have been through some sh*t where I was tossed about because of my skin color. I suppose that is my true fear. Going through that again.

What I fear most is what I will do emotionally when my mother dies. She has hurt me so terribly most of my life, physically and emotionally, never admitted it or apologized for what she did, and I am going to be left to deal with it all by myself. I have tried so many times over the years to explain how I feel to my sister and other people in my life, but I don't think any of them really know how bad my heart is broken by the woman who bore me, but who was never there for me. Not when I got married, not when my babies were born, not when I very serious surgeries, not when my marriage broke apart. One time I woke up after a 5 hour spinal surgery and no one in my entire family was there to even see if I was okay. I started crying and the nurse just said something nasty and walked away. I am a grown woman with a child's broken heart. I don't think it will ever go away.

I was going to say, stupid people but I think you have put it far better than I could. thanks for a good post.