18 Cut Roses

From the man I've been dating almost 6 years who knows that cut flowers is one of the top 2 gifts I don't ever want.

Yes, we've discussed it multiple times throughout our relationship.   After a few hours of stewing about it I finally asked him what made him decide to buy them for me.  He said he wanted to surprise me and he'd never bought me cut flowers before.  I informed him that yes, indeed he did surprise me....   and did he NOT remember any of the conversations we'd had in the past about cut flowers?  He thought about it momentarily then said "I remember you saying you were glad I didn't buy them for you on other occasions" - to which I asked him WHY if I was GLAD I didn't get them before would he think I wanted them now??   He said nothing.

Basically, it was his cheap *** lazy way to make it look like he put forth effort toward my gift.  In reality, he heard an ad on a radio station for a discount, didn't feel like going out of the house and ordered me something fast, cheap and easy online to be delivered to our door without even considering whether or not it would be something I'd like.

I went to the site he ordered them from, they were the least expensive ones shown, even came with a free vase and 6 extra free flowers and free shipping.   Yes, they were the overstocked ones they were trying to get rid of.   They had plenty of potted flowers and roses (which he also KNOWS I love) but those weren't on sale... so he didn't order those.

I can't wait for these to die in a few days so I can throw them away- all they are doing is sitting there annoying the crap out of me every time I look at them reminding me of how inconsiderate and selfish he is.

I'd rather he had gotten me nothing (which is usually what he does)

I think the only reason he even ordered these at all is because he knew we were having dinner with his parents tonight and his mother would ask him what he got me.  Flowers sounds like a damn good answer, don't they.


OK, I'm done ranting now.



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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Better than all the Valentines day gifts I got from my EX. for the 22 years of marriage plus the 2 years we dated before we tied the not. In twenty-four years I got nothing. In fact one year she did not even give me a Christmas gift. I handed her some money that year and said "Here is some cash in case you need or want to buy something." So she picked up the phone and ordered a pizza.

Sorry to hear this. On the good side (and hopefully brings a smile) at least you didn't dump them out over his head...