Slurring the Rhythms

 I bought myself a Maker's Mark and Coke, two Black Russians, and a Guinness.

The bartender bought me another Maker's Mark and Coke near the end of the night (after I tipped her a $20 without ordering anything).

Also, some random chick I don't know stuck her hands down my pants.*



* I spent the night at a bar with my best friend for the annual TWR-sponsored, "Psychotic Erotic F-ck Valentine's Day" party.

zeligocity zeligocity
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

That she didn't believe the part about my rhythm. :P

My friend and I ended up getting pulled onstage for a "Seduce This Chick" contest. I was tanked, so I told her that I was a basspla<x>yer with great rhythm and a large penis. She stuck her hands in my pants to confirm.