I got $20 from my grandparents.  Also, my mom was going to give me something, but she doesn't have time to run it by here, and she said she can't fit it in an envelope to mail to me.

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Well, I don't know because I don't live in Louisiana...

Mmmmmm...pancakes! I wish we had Shrove Tuesday...although we do have Mardi Gras in Louisiana!

Nope...never even heard of Shrove Tuesday...what is that?

Just the same reason as any other holiday I guess. You get presents at Easter and Christmas, so why not Valentine's Day?

Doesnt matter hun, Im getting used to it :(

Aww, I would have bought you flowers if I knew...

I meant valentines presents that I have never gotten. I am so pathetic I brought myself flowers and although they are beautiful that just ended up making me feel like a loser cos I have to get myself something.


You've gotten presents from me! You're definitely good enough!

I have never gotten presents from anyone at all, not a thing. Not good enough for that. I am pleased to hear you got some things though.

Yep...do y'all not?

I am asking the same as FP, presents??