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...because I sometimes get too caught up in what is wrong with America right now, we have all had stress over our country, it seems none of us are happy with the current situation. No matter which side we are on, we all have some gripes. I was thinking we might be taking advantage of some things here, and taking them for granted, when we should realize that America is still a beautiful country, with wise, wonderful, loving people of all colors and creeds. There are astounding vistas, mountains, beaches, and natural wonders it would take years to see. We should be able to find some things we love about America itself and about being American, pretty easily. I am thinking on that right now, what do I love about America? I was born in America, in California, and grew up in the Midwest, where I learned a lot of American values from both conservative and liberal ideals. I have been close to nature, and seen a lot of different lifestyles of my countrymen.  I should be able to come up with some reasons to still love her.

So I am asking, what do YOU love about America? What's still good about America?


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Thanks for these links, I have not seen either of them.

nomisery, I am speechless.<br />
<br />
I have never seen all of that put in such a succinct way. There's more, way more, as I am sure you know, and others would benefit in future from knowing it as well, it's not conspiracy theory, its conspiracy fact. It's just that the 'conspirators' have been masquerading as other people, and citizens believe what they are told. They also forget there is a hand behind the puppet's strings..<br />
I can't think of more reason than all that to love my country right now, the people must do something. I'm coming out of my speechlessness, and am searching for still more reasons to love America. Thanks for commenting.

LALBT (Laughing a little bit too)<br />
Puppies, yes, great observation, puppies are good, I love puppies!<br />
And horses, I really love horses...<br />
...we used to have a lot of those, I think I will go look up the current plight of the mustangs...