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because that's the proper name for the stuff you see with your eyes closed! lol.... i just found that out today. there are different "levels" of the hallucinations you experience with your eyes closed... ahahaha.

but i see tie dye like patterns.
sometimes floating circles and dots
and sometimes waves of colors.

dearly0beloved dearly0beloved 18-21, F 2 Responses May 23, 2010

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only if it's pretty colours... if u see the actual room you're in, when you close your eyes... that ain't no phosphene effect ;) no idea what it is tho! some say facial perception/vision, but to see the room and everything in it for a while sounds like a burn-in effect, though there's no bright light source pointing at the eye at the time. Somewhat weird, little bit unnerving, going to get her to see an optician soon and may well post back with a story!! :D

I usually see colors, then colorful ob<x>jects, then quick pictures. I have done this for years, but just in the last few weeks have started trying to define it.