My Preliminary Suppositions

I am a Lutheran Christian. I am a sinner. I am trying to understand others. My EP name Akouw, which is Greek for "I Listen." I chose this name because it is almost a summary of one of my life goals, which is to listen to others rather than judge, assume I know best, and stereotype. That is why I created this group - I want to know what Christianity's image is from the outside. Have you heard the message of the gospel? What did you think about it? What did you think about the person who was telling it to you? What does it take for you to be convinced of something? In short, I just want to do some brainstorming before I write this paper and I NEED YOUR HELP! Thanks so much, everyone!

Akouw Akouw
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Jesus doesn't love anyone because he is dead. The Christ IS love and He is not "followed" He is lived. I am the Way, The Truth and The Life. That wasn't Jesus. That is the Christ. The same Christ whose name is pronounced "Buddha" to some and "Bhagavan" to others and has been known by many formal names but one spiritual "name".

Christianity, the religion, is about the furthest thing from Jesus the Christ's teachings I can imagine...<br />
<br />
Jesus taught that to love God was the most important thing... The Christian religion teaches that to worship Jesus is the main thing (something Jesus rebuked someone for).<br />
<br />
Jesus had no love for wealth... Christianity calls wealth a "blessing of god" and encourages it's followers to be good capitalists and ask for more and more.<br />
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Jesus was a man of peace and said to turn the other cheek. Christians blindly support wars.<br />
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Jesus taught to judge not, yet Christians seem to think they should be the ones to make moral laws for society and condemn others.<br />
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Jesus was a Christ. The Christ is disgusted with Christianity and has disowned it.

Haha... thanks for the encouragement! I would like to continue to share and converse with others in the process. I have been taking a "Witness and Evangelism" class at my school and one of the things our class is wrestling with currently is how we, as Christians, are so in love with Jesus, yet we don't communicate that love effectively with others. I know that Jesus loves me and I want everyone to know how much Jesus loves them... so why can't I do so in love? Why is it so hard? If you have a passion about something and convictions concerning it, how do you communicate that to others? This is what I have been struggling with lately...

BettyValentine - I'm interrested in exploring your comment futher, "But unfortunately, for the most part, christians have not given me good first impressions of them as people and of their religion as a whole." Could you elaborate on some first impressions that you have personally had? Or if you can extend the conversation further, what should that person have done differently?

Akouw, good post! And good luck with your studies! We need many good youth ministers out there! As for your question, its my opinion that we, christians, have given Jesus a bad rap. Why? Because we arent perfect and when we stray away and act in ways that do not reflect our faith and beliefs we are giving everything we stand for a bad name. We become the "hypocrites'. We must be careful at all times because non believers are watching us and if we are out trying to lead others to Christ we must set the standards and not sway. I tell everyone I meet, I'm saved, not perfect! God is still working on me so please be patient because I'm a work in progress.

Please speak freely here and I hope that that in doing so you will be comfortable. We are all entitled to our opinion and as a christian I didnt take offense in what you said. You didn't come across as judging us, rather in just posting your views on religion. My hope is that you will encounter many wonderful folks that are born again and you will be treated with the respect you and everybody deserves!

SoulSaver:<br />
Please don't be hesitant! And I hope that you do not receive any negative comments in response to your post. The reason I started this EP group is so that EVERYONE could talk about Christianity freely. Also, like I said, I am a Christian (I'm actually in college studying to become a Christian youth worker, specifically with high school/college-age students). I believe that while my faith in Jesus and the Bible is unshakable, my "religion" is something fluid and therefore, I seek the opinions of people such as you, BettyValentine, and isabella925. Here's my take - and I'd like to ask a question to all who read this - has Jesus given Christians a bad rap or have Christians given Jesus the bad rap? Or to phrase the question with a little different emphasis, before we talk about Christianity further, what do you think about Jesus? (AWESOME discussions, all! Thanks so much for being so open yet respectful!) :-)

i believe in god but i dont know if you could call me a christian due to my spiritual beliefs but it doesnt bother me my relationship with god is just that and its for no official or rule to sit council on as they wer created by man who unlike god is not perfect so yeh

Hello, <br />
I am a christian. I have been for a long time now. In my journey, I have learned not to rely on religion. I read my bible often and study with others. I strive to gain the spirit of God within me and to live as Christ lived. I fall very short everyday.<br />
I don't conform to a specific religious genre anymore as I have found it too judgemental. Religion as separate entities only strive to compete against one another and tend to forget what the true goal of christianity is. <br />
I do attend the Church of Christ, sounds like hypocrasy doesn't it? I attend because this group, I have found, tries to maintain the simplicity of worship according to what is taught by Christ.<br />
There is no pomp and ceremony except that which is prescribed by the bible in the New Testament.<br />
I do agree with princess4ever01. I don't push my beliefs on others. I just try to live according to Christs example and let others see that in me.

Hello. My ep name is princess4ever01. I am a born again christian and have been most of my life. To me, it means to be saved, to be born again through Christs blood that was shed for all of us. I believe the word Christian means to be CHRIST LIKE. To follow the example that Jesus has set forth for all of us. We are all born in to sin and when we become christians, we strive to follow the the Lord by witnessing, loving all others as Jesus loves us(hard to do at times!), not judge but to listen and really try to understand others. It also means that we commit our minds, bodies and souls to God and everything we do should be to glorify the Lord. A christian should be compassionate, kind, loyal, honest and fair. And above all a christian should practice what they preach.