Your Love

Another song that was played during my wedding...but the gift was taken away from my heart because the love that I felt years ago was slowly fading away in each day until emptiness crept over my bleeding heart...I was lost to forever reviving through songs the love that I shared with a man who promised not to break my heart but  his words were never meant for an  ever was fleeting, sugar coated with lies.

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4 Responses Aug 2, 2010

yes..happiness is a choice..

No it can't and it will not last if one or the other is not happy with themselves, one can not go into a relationship thinking that there partner will make them happy, if yopur not than how can they share there happiness with you if yo don't reconise how t be happy with yourself

well, we always wish for the best when we're in a relationship because at the very beginning we become idealistic until we are thoroughly disappointed at the middle. The finality of everything depends on the two consenting characters. A relationship should be worked out by two people. You cannot build a lasting relationship on your own.

Whats so heart breaking is no matter how much is put into a relationship and you do all the right thinigs, it ushually ends up a loss. One could only hope that this was just a rehersal and that when the play starts, you have all of your lines memorized to a tee. Still it doesn't promise you that it will last.<br />
So its a chance we take with hopes that this will be the best yet.