"random Things"

I am adorable-conceited person

sarcasm is my body's defense mechanism to stupid people

I don't like seasonal friends

I hate insincere people coz I do not feign affection.

I wear the crown in the family...(kinda brat..why is it bad?)

I can multi-task, (talk and **** off someone I don't like at the same time)

I'm the type who will burst out laughing at something that happened yesterday...and learned
from it...

I love fashion and love to shop a lot...shoes, bags, clothes, accessories...did i mention shoes???
...And kinda techie too.

I also love to travel...I love the beach! I love bikinis!

I've been through the process of separation...
Denial, Confrontation, Struggle-to keep the relationship, Acceptance, Letting Go
and finally Moving on!!!

I love my children so much!!! They keep me going! With them, I'm always Up & About!..

Sometimes, I still wish to the first star i see in the night. (now, that's stupidity,huh?)

"Starlight, Starbright, first star i see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish
I wished tonight!" --- BUT hey wait! am not sure...
Should i need to close my eyes while saying the phrase? If so,
No wonder why it is not being granted! LOL!
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Caring , adorable , hot tempered (me too ) but not always angry cause you make a good laughter after the occasion , i see a humble human in you

Open minded, honest, confident, outgoing and last but (definitely) not least ... funny! Lovely...