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I had a very rough spell for a few years back in 2006. I lost my hearing in August of that year at age 33 due to bacterial meningitis, a severe disease that could have taken my life. (I will write more about that soon). Then in March 2008 my Husband Dave passed away due to a heart attack. We had been married since 1991. It took a while to get over that and move on with my life. But I managed to with the help of my Daughter Ariel, and Steve, my best male friend. We began dating after about a year, and were married Feb 28 2012. I had been a Massage Therapist for 12 years until I lost my hearing. I had to quit, but still provide free sessions for some that I know who are able to communicate with me or are OK with me being deaf. I hope to make a handful of truly great friends. I am not looking to find love because I already have a great man. I don't mind honest comments, but so many men put crude remarks that I can do without. I am very independent and strong willed. My husband and daughter make my life so meaningful. They are my 1st priority and NOTHING will ever change that. I am a generous, loving and giving person that has compassion for others. I don't have a bunch of rules for you to be my friend, just treat me with some respect.
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I think you are incredibly strong, and while it is good, it can also be bad. You have family and friends. Let them take some of your burden. The stresses will get you over time. My wife was the same way and had a breakdown trying to do and carry too much. I won't let her do that anymore.

I think that you are a caring woman, who has a family that should love her and be forever thankful for you in their lives.

Also, as you are a massage therapist, and I get weekly massages, I like you a little better. lol

would you put me in contact with someone who teaches ASL in Phoenix,Az?

You have the quality and spirit of a woman able to face many obstacles and still carry on as a normal loving and caring person!!!

we share similar difficulties

I admire your strength and courage. You have faced much, come through and still able to smile.

Thanks. I enjoy life and did not want to stop because of an impairment.

You sound like a fantastic person that has overcome a lifetime of adversity with the help of some great people. Keep up the great work and don't let anything or anyone get or keep you down. ;-)