Feel Free...

To say whatever you like. I can take it. :P

Achilles1989 Achilles1989
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you should come go to america you can say just about anything and some long as you have the accent it'll work..... try come here you *****...them: okay<br />
and they dont know what a paki is and you can tart bollocks ***** without offending anyone..and while getting girls..and fanny is quite the reverse.... but all bet none of this is block but look ....**** ***** ....that should have been block note that **** mother******* and fuc7k are still very offense

Agree w FreeFall...you sound fun...

You sound fun.

haha... *glares*

yeah he's cute Iza....for an old rusty cyborg... bifffbifff...bifff :P

My EP mum.. Your words make me smile alot. :)

haha AP ohh I can dream :P <br />
<br />
*Breaks out and shows he's not rusty* T-9000?? I don't need that crap! :D

Oh yeah? But you're running out of spare part! Bffff bffff bffff We need T-9000! Not the old rusty cyborg! :P

Rusty? PFftt! I'm fully oiled and shinning lol joker!

Nice for a rusty cyborg!

Aww thanks softkitti! :P

hahahahaha read my last comment on her story in this group! <br />
<br />
Nice hu? :P

*laughs* topay is too funny <br />
Well you seem nice ... you have friends of all types so you must be very sweet .... you seem honest in what you say about yourself .. and you seem to appreciate women which is always a plus ;) over all a great person to have in your circle...by the way sweetie thanks for adding me :)

Ok I'll rate it :P<br />
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(while crying in the corner)

haha deadly so watch it!! :D

You're a cyborg! ;P