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About a month and a half ago I signed up with a personal trainer who specializes in getting women ready for fitness competitions. He works with me 5 days a week every week for the past 6 weeks... He helps get women ready to compete which includes body fat tests, workouts, and takes pictures in various poses every few weeks to see results. He's an attractive black man who also does fitness competitions himself.
After two weeks of training he has me meet him in his office in the gym. He shows me pictures of other competitors he's worked with and every woman has a have page face shot and then all their results/measurements on the other half of the page. He shows me about 10 women all face pictures and then clicks on their folder and has bikini poses from competitions and one's he's taken. Then he tells me he wants to take the pictures of me.. so he takes my face picture for my file and then says he wants to take random pose pictures. I didn't know about it and didn't have a bikini but he said I could just do it in my underwear... I felt fine with this and so he took pictures from the front, side, back and doing various fitness poses while I wear my bra and a g-string.
So, last week I came into his office again and he had me wait for him... so as I'm waiting I start looking at pics on the wall, reading the awards and such... and I look at the computer screen which I couldn't see before and I see my profile picture with my results so far. Except, my main pic is not of my face but one of the pictures of me facing away from the camera in my g-string.... Should I say something or not worry about it?
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Hi, I'm a personal trainer. I enjoyed your story. It was very interesting. I'm curious, did you say anything?