In the words of Sir Winston Churchill: "It may be long..and it may be hard..but we will NOT withdraw. (True. And he didn't smoke cigars. That was a publicity stunt, to show the German people that we still had money.
I have a history degree.
PS: Anyone Brit over 40 years-old will remember Spike Milligan (one of "The Goons", along with Peter Sellars, Michael Bentine and Harry Secombe.
Michael Bentine spoke 43 languages. (I didn't know there WAShim, as a grey-bearded that many. He assured me there a lot more!
His father was Peruvian and his father, British Ambassador to the country.
The reason Peter Sellars son is called Michael, is that Michael Bentine was his Godfather and was named after him!
Michael Bentine told me many years later: " I ******' baptised him! If you knew he was going to talk about his Dad, after he has died, I would have drowned the little bastard in the church font!"
I interviewed him shortly before his death (about 12 years ago) a few weeks after I interviewed Stefan Grapelli, the famous musician. While he was getting changed, I was told by his agent that he was "not feeling well" and I would have to cut my interview from 20 minutes to 10.

This I did.
But to help things along, while he was getting changed, I went to pack his violin into it's case.


To make matters worse, I was trying to force it into the case - the wrong way!
He swore in French and got his agent to remove me from his dressing room! (Stockport, Manchester).
You cannot get them all correct!
Anyway, he died before he could sue the newspaper!
Pics please - my wife is on holiday and my wrist needs some exercise!
(Holland v Spain tonight?
Holland 2-1
My wife has gone to Spain with her sister - so they are bound to lose! But Chris (my wife) and her sister, might geta few free drinks!
(As long as that is all they get!).
Get back soon withsome pictures please.
buster103 buster103
Jul 10, 2010