My Tombstone

I've always wanted my tombstone to say "ashes to ashes we all fall down." I know It might sound a little childish but that phrase has always struck me.

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2 Responses Nov 26, 2009

To quote author Beth Moore, I want my tombstone to read "God got tired."

That would be very appropriate for a cremation urn.<br />
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I have never wanted a grand memorial to my death. Spare the real estate and spread me thin.<br />
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I actually prefer the idea of a park laid out like a botanic gardens. Instead of tombstones and urns there would be trees and benches and flower gardens and ponds. Each place would be a memorial to someone who has died. A small plaque would commemorate the life of the one who had died, but the space would be dedicated to those who have loved the person who died.<br />
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So my "tomb stone" will read - In celebration for those I have loved. Followed by my name and days of birth and death.