Hahahahaha This Is Funny Now =)

When I was about three I really wanted to be a caterpillar HAHAHA

My reasoning was, that you would get to be a caterpillar then a butterly, so you would be getting two for one.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for the stupidity of 3 year olds (or just me)

TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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WOW, I think I am going to stick to caterpillar....... for now at least

thatis a hard 1 2 answer <br />
ive desided i wanted 2 be a forensic scientist wen i was in 5th grade <br />
then i realized i need collage (road block)<br />
then i met 1st sargand <br />
so go through the marians (pay 4 me 2 go)<br />
but i realized immagrants no more about ihem meaning of america than sum 50 yr old that was born in the usa<br />
so i aint puttin my life on the line 4 sum people who dont no wat im fightin 4<br />
so i decided i want to be a trucker<br />
but i need sumpin 2 fall back on when i retire <br />
so im screwed into the forces<br />
<br />
so urs wasnt so bad<br />
<br />
theres no retirerment


Awww...That's cute!

I agree... It's sort of like an allegory...... from the caterpillar comes the butterfly....

i dont think it was stupid either reece :)

Well I wouldn't say it's stupidity Reece ... sounds like a very wise ambition to me.