When I Grow Up

I reminsce on the times when I dreamed of becoming a WNBA player. Basketball was all I ever wanted to do. I breathed, thought about, ate over, dreamed about basketball. lol yea it was that serious. Basketball was my passion, when I was first introduced to sports, basketball caught my eye, my mind, my soul, and above all...basketball caught my heart. My first love was baksteball. I still play form time to time. But now I'm thinking about becoming a doctor. Ivery bright, and instead of just playing ball, I want to show off my other talents. Show that I am multi-talented. Even though I know i don't have to prove anything, but in most cases I do. So many things going on in the world, all i want to be when I grow up, is alive. True story, that, and sucessful. I wanted to be a rapper, screenwriter, director, producer, songwriter, chief, judge, and many more. So many things I've wanted to be, but i decided to learn a bit from all. Im learning new languages, such as french, spanish, arab, chinese, japanese, basically all, but thats gonna be tough lol. But these are just the ideas of what i wanna be when I grow up, still haven't decided.

labrise labrise
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009