I Want to Be Everything!

As I growing up, i always imagine myself to have multiple jobs. From being actress, to a supermodel and designer, I want to be in a glam and famous world. I dream on being trendsetter. But it change after I realized how I love to sing. So I decided to add a new deream career, to be a singer. But all the ambition have been disapprove by my parents. So, I change it again. After that, I get to know more higher payed jobs that requied high iq, such as scientist and engineer. So I also want to be like Einstine, and make another formulae on radioactivity, so that I could get Nobel Prize. When I reach my adolscene, I start to like social studies and wanted to become politician. But my biggest  dream of all time was to become geologist. At the same time I love journalism and wanted to become journalist. Now, I'm studying Banking so that wikk stated my future maybe on finance management. Wow diversity have to be happening all my life. Now I just wish to be kids again so I don't have to enter the world of adukthood that more scarier than childhood nightmare that I have for all this years.

LisaWiserLiser LisaWiserLiser
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009