The Ultimate Feeling Of Feminity, Wearing Satin And Lace.

I can remember the first time I shaved my body smooth at 13 years old, and the erotic feeling that overwhelmed by teenaged body as those satin panties slid up my smooth legs to my bare crotch. The satin bra being fastened around my chest made my nipples eprk up, and the best of all. Sliding a pair of real silk stockings up your leg to be fastened to an awaiting garter belt is still pure heaven for this T-Girl of 36. I think that is one felling most genetic women never truely embrace that still turns me on as I get dressed every morning for work. I all ways wear sexy matching lingerie under my business atire for my own pleasure, and if someone else gets a shot of the top of my lace top stockings is all good. I very seldom wear pants ever, all most allways an above the knee dress or skirt suite with a sheer satin blouse to show off my lacey bra. As I sit here writting this short story, I am wearing a short black lace baby doll with a matching jacket, no panties, and black stilleto pumps. Sometimes I like just showing off my long, suntaned legs bare. Of course, I'm very aroused at the same time, and hope you are as you red this too.
Kimmie1321 Kimmie1321
36-40, T
1 Response May 13, 2012

personally i i only wear a T-shirt to bed