A Variety Of Sleepwear

My Dear Wife used to come to bed in cotton T shirts, boxers, cotton panties and if it was cold sometimes a sweat shirt. it was like sleeping with a guy. I started buying her sleepwear. The first was a camisole - still her favourite one. I tried buying some other new things but the fabrics, construction and design was all horrible. I discovered vintage. Long gowns, short gowns, camisoles, teddies and panties - she insisted upon panties. Silks became favourites but some nylon gowns and satins as well. Pretty, well made, soft - well made, and most of all feminine and accessible. Mostly highly respectful but always accessible. Tonight I set out a satin Edward Jones long floor length gown and matching tap panties with slits in the side that go up to the waist. It has a criss cross back that is open. It sets the mood and I dream of her all night long. I find it difficult to keep my hands off of her and it makes all the difference to prepare for bed and dress appropriately.
pdqsailor1 pdqsailor1
51-55, M
Sep 17, 2012