My Bed Time Attire

I have a couple of men's night shirts that reach to about mid-calf, I also have a ladies satin night gown that reaches to mid-thigh, and a long sheer night gown. Mostly I just wear all these items around the house when I'm not naked but sometimes I sleep in them. Most of the time though I prefer to sleep naked.
Gingerqueer Gingerqueer
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I too sleep in men's nightshirts, striped thick flannel in winter, smooth cotton in spring or autumn, sometimes too in an ankle length one in cream silk I had made for me some years ago or a knee length green silky nylon one. In very cold winters I might wear longjohns or a union suit under my nightshirt. I too often wear my nightshirts around the house with nothing on underneath and answer the door to any visitors dressed like this or even go out at night to post a letter in one. In summer I would also sleep naked were it not for my dribbling after my three times nightly pee in my bedside chamber pot, so instead I sleep just in my rubbers.