Last Night (aug 19)

It was my normal Sunday evening girlytime after the wife and kids had gone to bed and I was chatting with my Mistress Lady Blue online, she didn't have anything specific for me to wear because she had a headache and was just tired, so I picked out and wore: a white satin softcup bra, blue microfiber bikini panties with a pattern of little white foxes all over them (and underneath it, the waist part of a pair of old pantyhose that I'd fashioned into a gaff to keep me all tucked up nice and smooth); over that, a pair of ladies jean shorts with a white belt and a red/white print crinkly peasant top. Wedge heels, and a black wig with the hair held back with a sparkly headband. I could not wipe the smile off my face until I finished what I'd been working on and had to change back to go to bed.
MirandaAlicia MirandaAlicia
36-40, T
Aug 20, 2012