Last Night (aug 27)

I need to go shopping for one of those wing bras, the kind you wear that tape to your sides with nothing in the back. Mistress Lady Blue apparently wanted me to go a very little glam last night; she requested I wear a dress I have that's a long velour dress, slim, with crisscrossing spaghetti straps to a low back and there's no way a normal bra would have sufficed to hold up my homemade forms (plastic microbeads in old pantyhose, I don't have the financial means or justification (being closeted from my wife) to buy forms). So I went without. The dress has a high slit up almost to the top of the left thigh, and a gold dragon printed all down the front of it. Underneath she requested I wear plain black microfiber panties (which I obligingly tucked myself tight underneath) and I wore my hair long. It was a great evening.
MirandaAlicia MirandaAlicia
36-40, T
Aug 27, 2012