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A Reversal

Seeing I dress as a woman everyday, on those rare occassions when I must dress as a male I feel I am crossdressing. And choosing a male outfit is becoming a challenge because my mind interjects feminine caveats into my decision making process and I have to really be careful. But we all should have these problems, right?
josilver josilver 56-60 2 Responses Aug 31, 2012

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Its still summer here. Panties, womens shorts and a womans polo shirt are quite fitting. Unfortunately the shirt shows my top.

gender is kind of a spectrum, especially when it comes to nuances like clothing preferences. sure, we've been taught what is feminine and masculine, and maybe some of it is possibly rooted in biology (though most of it isn't), but yeah i guess we do all have these problems to an extent is what i'm saying. i'm a girl and i've always wanted to cross dress. i dressed like a boy when i was a kid. but at a certain age i realized that dressing that way all the time wasn't conducive to my goals so i adjusted. <br />
i still hate wearing dresses or frilly pink stuff, so i don't do it. but even dressing more toward the feminine spectrum, i make my own style that fits me, and is a bit androgynous sometimes. just not to the extent that i'll feel uncomfortable in front of others who might be more closed minded than i'd like. <br />
anyway. be fabulous. be you. all of us have to suppress parts of ourselves at one time or another, but maybe we don't need to silence them completely.

Oh no, certainly don't silence them completely. It's a matter of when it's appropriate.