What I Wore Last

It was a few weekends ago now but I wore a pink and black bra and pantie set. Bra was low cut and had a frilly edge. Over the top I wore a blue dress with white sleeves. Felt perfect!

I usually wear panties under my boy clothes as well.
brentteenboy69 brentteenboy69
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10 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I only wish I could have been there with you...as we dressed and confessed our girlish needs to each other...in our panties...in private...yummy...oooohhhhh

Sounds supper cute! no pictures to visualize Your blue dress?

Sounds very pretty, and sexy as well.

All clothing must be very beautiful

i'm sure it was perfect. that was a long time ago. what are you up to now?

Good for you, girl. Dress how you want.

You love your lingerie good girl

sounds like a super cute outfit! =]

sound nice

Yeah you felt perfect, that's normal as we all do. It's so beautiful to be gurl and I do go out in public. That was taken me a long time and suddenly I felt so normal and accepted by public really beautiful. Try it.