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What I Wore Last

It was a few weekends ago now but I wore a pink and black bra and pantie set. Bra was low cut and had a frilly edge. Over the top I wore a blue dress with white sleeves. Felt perfect!

I usually wear panties under my boy clothes as well.
brentteenboy69 brentteenboy69 18-21, M 8 Responses Sep 15, 2012

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Sounds very pretty, and sexy as well.

All clothing must be very beautiful

i'm sure it was perfect. that was a long time ago. what are you up to now?

Good for you, girl. Dress how you want.

You love your lingerie good girl

sounds like a super cute outfit! =]

sound nice

Yeah you felt perfect, that's normal as we all do. It's so beautiful to be gurl and I do go out in public. That was taken me a long time and suddenly I felt so normal and accepted by public really beautiful. Try it.