Right Now, Actually

So last Sunday... I don't even remember what I wore. Hadn't heard from Lady Blue in a couple of weeks. It didn't even matter. I wasn't even going to dress up tonight, except....

Checking my email this morning I see:

know I haven't given you any orders in the last few weeks. Work is just really kickin' my butt, but tonight I was looking over zee list and I'd like for you to wear the following:

Underwear set, pink softcup crop top bra with matching bikini panties
coral ribbed tank top
Dark blue jeans, kinda stretchy, bootcut
Black kitten-heel sandals

I love you very much. Now be a good girl and dress up for me :)

Love, [Lady Blue]

and then I knew I must. Have had a grin all day, and the above is what I'm wearing now.

Have a good week, all!
MirandaAlicia MirandaAlicia
36-40, T
Sep 16, 2012