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Eye Of The Tiger (print-dress)

I cross dress daily, but last time I went 'big' was this past Saturday. My ex girlfriend has been wanting to introduce me to her new boyfriend. She knew Genivieve well and is quite the Diva so she taught me quite a bit about fashion, make-up, etiquette and so on. In any event, she suggested I meet jer new beau as Gen. I was a bit taken aback when I learned she had 'shared' with him so soon, but she explained it would help him feel less threatened and then she and I could still be friends. She also said he was very open minded and he thought it would be fun too. In that light it seemed like a fun idea.
Well, you can imagine what followed. Shower, shaving, make-up. Then clean the house in my low-rise girl jeans, thick studded black belt and black girlie tee. Of course wearing a nice black lacey bra underneath and black thong. Once the house was clean and ready, I rinsed off again, put on my girl deodorant and perfume and began to try on different outfits. (This took at least 2 hours and was very erotic.) My room has wall to wall mirrors, so trying things on is really fun! I finally settled on a short Tiger-print dress. Very form fitting that gathers in a belted waist. Its very low-cut so I wore my prettiest sheer chiffon lace black bra to just peak out. (My gf had one exactly like it and I always coveted it.- I knew she'd recognize it!) I also wore vintage back-seam nylons and an open bottom girdle with real metal clasps. Of course a little black lacey slip to hide the garter line under the dress. 4" black patent pumps completed the outfit. I wore faux diamond covered hoop earrings with my hair (real hair) gathered on my head with a big tortoise shell hair clip. Mahogany lip pencil and a bronze gloss with gold eye shadow and black eye-liner enhanced my retro look.
Well, when my girlfriend showed up, her guy was a hunk! They both said, 'Wow!' He even joked that he would Fu#* me! (Good for my fantasy later!) Anyway we shared some great conversation as I entertained with wine and h'our derves. (sp?) What fun sashaying in front of them, bending over to show off my garters and let him peek down my cleavage! We all had a blast, and want to do it again!!

genivieveleduc genivieveleduc 46-50, T 3 Responses Sep 27, 2012

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I am betting your ex and her new BF were both really turned on and had great sex after they left you. So many interesting dynamics there. You described him as a hunk, so I am guessing quite virile and masculine. Contrast that to how feminine you are, so that says something about your ex's sexual range. And you said he said he would do you, so that says someting about him. And what about you????? What an intriguing story and nicely written, too. Thank you for sharing it.

I bet you he will have many nights fantasizing about you sweetie!

your ex gf and you just drove her new beau over with lust for you, good job dear