Me Crossdressing?

I myself have not dressed yet but want to....I get turned on sometimes by crossdressers and or TVs

You do good work keep it up
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If you have it in your mind that you would like to dress then do it it will not go away all these nice persons on this site will tell you the same thing it will open up a whole new world for you -- like -tghuubby -said you have received very good advice go and buy a dress or a skirt and try on it I am sure you will love it we all do .--also like -paul 1 uk-said tell us how you get on we would like to know please

Well you've received so good advice on starting crossdressing, some how to. So since you want to, have you tried it yet?

what are you waiting for you know you want to try it

Do it -you do not know what you are missing it will cost you but worth it and them some

I just love being who i want to be, There are so many words to describe how i feel when i am dressed,Like most who dress i have done it since early childhood, you will know if it is right for you , , if it does it just becomes part of your life and you will want to experience more and more, try it you will never know for sure till you do .We are all here to help and support one another

You are so right Tabitha, it does become a part of your life. Like you and many others both on here and other places, I know just how addictive (and expensive) dressing can be. I wouldn't swap to being a non femme dresser though.

If the desire to dress is already there, it won't go away, you know. It will always be there. I dressed when is was a child and into my teenage years, but for some time, it was not possible. It never goes away, I assure you, so you might as well get cracking and enjoy it. Cross dressing gives you such an amazing feeling, as you will no doubt have gathered from the many tales here. Enjoy, and if you need any advice, feel free to contact me anytime.

If you want to dress why have you not done so yet? It's very liberating but totally addictive and a great thrill!!!

I particularly love the feeling of shaving my legs at night, putting on a satin night dress and climbing into crisp cotton sheets. The feel on the legs is out of this world :)

Also love the feel of sheer nylons on freshly shaved legs - stockings are best.

Though I don't pass well (to tall, broad and squarish face), I love being dressed en-femme. It makes me feel sexy, gives me a sense of the whole me and helps me to unwind / relax.

Addictive is right enough. I have never been in a position where I can shave my legs, but it has long been a dream of mine to do so and experience the feeling of pulling on a pair of fresh stockings.

Your comments reflect my feelings about dressing as well. Getting and being dressed is such an exhilerating experience!