Wanted to be partyish formal all day, a rare day when I had my outfit planned out since the morning - and after watching the Golden Globes tonight I feel like I could be sitting at one of the tables too. Really skimpy string thong (mesh front) with smokey stay-up stockings, my wedge heels, a white strapless bra (I know, white, but I don't own a black one yet) and a soft black dress with a grecian neckline that comes to my knee. Wearing this while editing videos for church, doing laundry, and taking an inventory of our freezer while the wife and kids are asleep. I feel pretty.

[deleted pic! see my gallery instead!}

(ok yeah, the perspective is really strange but that's what you got.  I swear my head is not that huge or round.)
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I like the dress.

I love it :)