Which Should I Wear?

I am in such a quandry. I just can't make up my mind what to wear next time I webcam. So, I'm coming to all my gurlfriends for help. Do you like the Lil black cocktail dress or my long sleeve grey short dress? I am putting both pics here.

Please help, I want to cam tomorrow.

stefiecdtv stefiecdtv
51-55, T
6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

model's legs

I like the gray shows your boobs better. Either one shows your nice legs

I like the gray one but I like the heels with the black dress. If I had to choose one. Both look fantastic.

Love the gray dress! But the black is sexy too.

Both look good honey but I like the grey dress best.

The gray dress is so sexy, fantastic belt and so form fitting

Thanks Josy, I have worn that one about 5 times but it's so cute. I got it at Body Central. The styles are way below my age group but oh well, a gurl's gotta try to be pretty.

You pull it off well