Gray Dress

Right now, I am wearing my grey long sleeve dress, white thigh high stockings, black tuxedo panties with attached garters, black lace Vassarette push-up shelf bra, grey ankle boot with 4" heel, and of course my makeup, wig and jewelry. I am on my webcam hoping someone will come play with me.

So, how did I do gurls or ladies. I like it when a woman tells me I look pretty good. Still not sure if I'm passable enough to go out.
Stefie Ü
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51-55, T
8 Responses Jan 17, 2013

This is so good - really convincing and very s3xy!

oh wow!!

Girlfriend even back then you were one of the most passable gurls I've seen. A little electrolysis and you can go anywhere.

you are so hot!

I am not a woman but I would pick you up and yes you could suck me off. you look great

Oh my gosh I just love it all. You look so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Oh honey you are passable enough to go out, how is your voice. One thing that gives most guys away are the size of their hands but yours look nice and lady like.

My hands aren't very big. I worry about my feet, although not large size 9 mens. I figure they must be since it's so hard to find size 11 in girls shoes. And my whiskers are dark so it's hard to conceal it even under good base.

Have you ever,tried a women's size 10 shoe, I am a size 9 and some fit well and some I have to use a shoe stretcher. For a dark shadow try a good concealer and then put on your makeup. I hope this helps you.

You look great, I think you pass. I'd love to go out with you in either male or CD mode!