Its Easy To Decide

Its easy for me to decide what I wear cause I wear the same thing everytime,although Ive dressed up completely and was totally passable in public,nowadays for me its usually a pair of JMS controltop pantyhose usually suntan or off black or I like to combine the two colors,usualy the suntan over the off black,they are worn with a short pair of shorts and a long shirt that doubles as a dress long enough that I can actually take the shorts off and go with nothing underneath except my pantyhose,and yes I do wear this getup out in public which for me and my reasons for dressing gets the attention I want and the job done as well!!!!!
cdnpantyhose cdnpantyhose 51-55, M 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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"Fabulous":-) I can envision that look now. Careful though, should a gust of wind raise up that long shirt...giggle:-)

mmm,gusts of wind feel really good up that shirt,so good in fact that one forgets where ones at and who might be watching,however one doesnot care about it if it doesLOL!!!