I wanted to go virginal if you will. Today I'm wearing my new white lace panties my wife bought me for christmas, and a lace bra, garter belt and lace topped white thigh high stockings. I'm far from virginal since my wife has taken me every which way we can think of. I'm only virginal if you consider that I haven't actually been with a man yet. I soooooo want that, to touch his ****, to lick, suck, nuzzle, feel it grow in my mouth. To feel him shoot his come between my lips, on my face, whereever he wants. To taste his juices, I've tasted mine but my wife says there are very different tastes according to their diets mainly. Then I so want to feel him **** me and explode in my ***. That is one thing she can't do for me and also can't feel when I use muscle control to pull it in, and squeeze it. Much like she does to me.

stefiecdtv stefiecdtv
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

that is a nice outfit

Has she offered to peg you or is she not into that?