Yesterday I wore black satin panties with a leopard print band and lace around the legs, black thigh highs, a black bra, a short black skirt, and a black camisole.
Felt girlie now going shopping to look for a corset and or a garter belt. Getting excited just thinking about it
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I wore my wife's new dress with black stockings and high heels. I posted it in my pictures titled new dress. Feel free to have a look

I have a beautiful Asian lover who I have been acquainted with for around two and a half years. Just recently "About 3-4 months ago" he discovered that I was passionate about wearing panties, suspender belts and stockings when Cheryl and I interact with her lovers in Ménage a trio. Garry asked me to wear them on a visit to our regular sauna. After wearing them once, Garry now insists that I wear them during sex all the time. I have only worn corsets with Cheryl being present but never took to wearing a bra unless full dress as a girl.

I would just love to go shopping with you!

got me exiting thinking about you like that

Sounds fun! I'm jealous! :)

did you but a corset, garterbelt or both?

gets me excited just thinking about it too! :)