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Last Night

I was able to dress as Kimmi last night and as usual I loved it. After I picked out the skirt and blouse I was going to wear I started putting on my under garments.  I started with a white thong and tucked my man parts between my legs.  Next I put on a matching white pantie (I love the feel of a thong but needed a little more to hold my parts in place).  Next was my bra, and I wore a lacy ping bra which I filled with my breast forms.  Next was a corset which I chose a pink corset to go with my bra, I love to wear a corset to help with my girly figure.  Next I put on my stockings and I chose a pair of light tan garter stockings by Omero which I just love they are so silky and sheer.  Then I put on a short white half slip, I just love the feel of that nylon when it rubs against my stocking covered legs.  Next was my blouse and I had picked out a sleeveless pink satin blouse.  After my blouse I slipped on my skirt and I had decided on a white knee length pencil skirt ( I just love pencil skirts).  After the skirt I slipped into a pair of white pumps with a 5 1/4 inch stiletto heel.  My finishing touch was to slip my long brown curly wig on my head and Kimmi was set to enjoy the next few hours of bliss.
KimmiCD KimmiCD 41-45, T 6 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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Kimmi, that is wonderful. I can tell from your writing how great it all felt for you and how much you enjoyed just being Kimmi for a while. The outfit sounds so adorable. I just love a knee length pencil skirt too.

Loved the story - did you ********** later while still dressed as Kimmi?

a delightful time

mmmmm.........It always is!!!

I've seen the pics that you've posted so far and I must say, Kimmi is a lovely and classy lady. I'd take you out for a nice dinner or a glass of wine any time!

Oh thank you that is very sweet of you to say. Maybe some day it will happen.

WOW ! you must look so nice dressed in that great outfit

I looked as good as I could :) and it felt very good.

I wore a flannel nightgown because the temps dropped to 9F. And that was in NYC!

It has been very cold here in Iowa also, I just keep the furnace cranked up.