The day after my custom-made dress showed up, I got this dress back! I had purchased it from a vendor at a street fair, but it was too tight in the chest, so I sent it back to them and they gave me the next larger size. 
I was wearing a black slip underneath it, but I realized it was too long, so I took it off. The slip, not the dress.
So I was left with very little in the underwear department. Oh, dear....

Somehow, I managed to enjoy the evening nevertheless...
PennySterling PennySterling
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5 Responses Aug 27, 2014

Nice !ENJOY Have fun!

yes,, love stockings,, but I'm more into the brief style nylon panties,,, seem to bring back memories of what was once the norm

I wore a silver satin blouse with grey skirt.underneath silk panties and bra with suspenders and silk stockings.finished off with high heels and matching shiny handbag.👩

Very nice!

Omigosh, what a treat! Two days of dresses!