I'm No Obstacle For Zombies...

If zombies attacked I'd probably be laughing so hard I died xD The whole idea of a zombie attack - or zombies even existing - is just too funny!
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Hahahahaha Angel is right ^_^<br />
Also, I can tickle back >:)

She'd probably attack you back...with hugs. :P

Then I shall die laughing!!!

They wouldn't care. They'll just groan BRAAAINNNSSSS and wobble towards you.

That IS my plan!<br />
<br />
Act like a lunatic so that the zombies think I'm bad meat and leave me alone!!!

What?!! You DON'T have a plan for surviving a zombie attack? :O Make one now! The end is near! :O Be sure to wear an aluminium foil hat...oh wait...that's for aliens... Damnit, I better get my notebook and revise my plans! *runs off*

LMAO!!! Sure he does xD


Sure hahaha xD

well either way your corpse is gonna keep me safe for awhile okay?!

Hahaha what about the rest of em?

That is true :P<br />
But I would rather get my baseball bat, and wack a couple xP

Hahahaha riiight x] Isn't it much easier to just tie me up the right way? Much easier.. though you probably wouldn't even have to tie me up, I'd most likely be laughing so hard I couldn't move anyway..

yeah they will because it is the blood that attracts them. So you have to be dripping with blood and I have to kill you for that.

No they won't!!<br />
Why kill me first? Zombies won't care about me then xD

naw they will still go after you but I have to kill you first anyway then put you upside down.

Hahahaha laughing chick at your service! x] Not upside down though, I may puke, and then they'll go after you instead..

Well if that is the case ima use you before you die okay? Tie you upside down to a tree around my house so the zombies dont come after me.

Huh? 'live surviving' ?? x]

Better to die laughing, or live surviving?

*rolling on the floor laughing* xD<br />
<br />
SEE! That's my reaction to these things!!! I'm DOOMED to die due to laughter hahaha x]

Hey, don't be so quick to laugh, zombies are a real possibility...wait...hold on, someones at the door... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Hey, at least I die happy!!

If zombies attack, you're obviously in trouble.