If I Have The Money...

So, there is a potential influx of money coming my way. If, it does indeed pan out, here's what I'd do:

First, I'd scout out some territories. I'm thinking any virgin forested areas, with a viable water source in Texas or Washington.
I buy as much of the land in the area as my budget allowed.
Then I'd have a hurricane resistant house with auto-matic shutters constructed. Around which, I'd have a 12ft reinforced concrete wall with a thick log gate. and wrought iron gate attached on the inner wall. (This is defend against the dangers that non-zoms present. Such as attempting to take over my fortress). And of course barbed wire and anti-climb spikes topping it all off. (There are designs for incredibly heavy doors that can be opened by 1 or 2 people.)
At least, 1 acre of my land will be reserved for farming purposes. Another, for the animals. Mainly sheep and chickens, but also enough horses to be able to avoid inbreeding (same goes for the other animals). Obviously, the horses are meant as a means of transportation, as well as farming purposes. The chickens and sheep provide dual servies; chickens with their meat and eggs, and the sheep with their meat and wool. (not to mention feathers, and leather)
I'd want as many solar panels and wind turbines as I can conceivably use and house.
Though it'd be a risk to have my water source available within my compound, being as it leaves to many openings, I doubt I'd be able to resist the luxury of flushable toliets and running water. With, piping there is a potential access point breachable by man and zom alike. But, with a few thick iron mesh blocking the way, zombies are of little concern and only the most determined (and well prepared) human will be crawling through my pipes. However, I'd maintain a month or two's supply of purified water inside, just to be cautious. (Not that I'm the cautious type ^_^)
And with a few choice weapons stockpiles, and secret escape routes, panic rooms and hidey-holes.. I think I'd feel slightly safe....

Now if the money ends up being a bust... I guess it'll just be me, a couple Glock G17s, a crowbar, an Ak-47 (I don't care if it's cliche), a rope, water purification tablets, a flashlight, scissors, fresh undies, a swiss army knife, some matches, all the ammo I can carry, some maps (country,state and city).........and a whistle.

I hope the
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Hahaha yes u CANNOT forget about the whistle 😂 nice!

Guess you've thought about this a tad...