It Depends...

Like many others have said, it all depends on what kind of zombies we're all up against. Needless to say, we would all prefer the slow moving, Romero style zombies but the odds of that being the case are very slim as the closest thing we have to a zombie virus at the moment is rabies, and if it does evolve to a zombie virus, then they will be 28 days later style zombies, unfortunately.

Either way I have a plan. My local shopping centre (Mall, as I'm not American) has a lockdown system that puts several steel blast doors down across the many entrances to the main section of the centre and as my plan involves teaming up with several members of the security team, were heading there and closing those doors as soon as possible regardless of who/what is in.
From there the automatic air filters kick in and clean up can begin. Panic will be natural with the other people trapped inside and calming them will be the priority and then putting each through visual study to make sure they aren't infected and those who are will be held in a store until they can be dealt with. This will have to be done as quickly as possible as those who are already infected could turn and any minute, forcing us to raise the doors, get the hell out and adapt to a new plan pretty quickly.

The security has access to weapons, emergency generators, and food supplies to last for years after the terrorist threat was raised, it would seem that even our small town felt the need to protect and survive. From there it is a case of surviving. This plan is basic as any zombie apocalypse plan should be, too many things could force a plan to change to have any other plan that is set in stone or isn't completely within the realms of fantasy (I'm going to buy one hundred miles of land, build a castle and urinate over any who come near) and our plan is a beginning.
Nazryl Nazryl
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012