Find a Defensible Position

Someplace that is difficult for zombies to get to. After years of thinking about this, I've decided the best choices are

  1. an island
  2. a ship
  3. mountain top
  4. cliffside
  5. oil drilling rig

Water and food production would be a concern. Fuel, ammo and guns would be equally important. A helicopter and pilot would come in real handy...

DoyEnne4475 DoyEnne4475
3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Maybe a structure attached to the side of a cliff? Any zombies find you they just fall off the cliff. You can watch zombie rain. Where you find this structure or how you make it I leave up to you,

Darkrider is right! You're screwed my friend! Keep moving, like he says, keep moving. Oh... and don't EVER fall sleep!

I would Laugh! then i would load the 12 gauge and laugh some more...i already live in the mountains and would be fine...the rest of you...well. Your best tool would be a crow bar...never breaks, never needs reloading and can be used to open doors and windows...