I'd Be Ready...

IF Zombies attacked, i would have a lot of guns, amunition, a car, heavy metal baseball bats, a bunch of swords and knives...Beating zombies to a pulp would be a great wait to get rid of some anger that flows through me every once and awhile...I would be prepared, and since almost everyone might be zombies, i could rob the convention stores for more amunitiion and weapons, and i would definatly have a car, for fast get aways if they decided to gang up on me and i had no help...

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

If you live in a big town the government might just decide to nuke it and make a coverup story.<br />
Also if there were alot of zombies bites and such from them would be a hard thing to avoid.<br />
<br />
The sound of a zombie moaning would also add to the psychological trauma.

I'm assuming you got a lot of heavy metal bats, swords, knives, and guns for your birthdays over the years :P (I envy you if you did). It would take a sneaky hand robbing stores cos of all the crazy looters, law enforcement, gangs, and zombies running around so good luck to ya there. Personally I've only got one decent knife on hand, and it's apparently made for skinning things 0_o. The only weapons I'd likely have onhand instantly to work with are: some pretty halfass explosive chemicals, a spud launcher, a thick wooden bat made from a ripped off table leg, and a lot of harmless tools (except for my hammers).

That is the thing with a Zombie Apocalypse...you can't trust anyone, because in the end, they might change into a zombie and you don't want to be all attached to them, and then have to shoot them...so it's best to be a loner...

Fetal Position. All over it. Completely. ;)