I Know What I Would Do!

Probably die

I have alot of ideas of what I'd do.. but the down to earth truth is I shant survive long enough to do any of it.

MikaPocoMagika MikaPocoMagika
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

1.Pack what blades and guns/ammo I got and haul arse.<br />
2.Never stay in one place for so long<br />
3.Trust NO ONE except people I already knew before the attack.<br />
4.Keep my swords and guns cleaned and sharpened<br />
5.Wear gloves and a mask to keep infected blood out of cuts and any other ways for anything to get in my system<br />
6.Keep water purifying tablets on hand<br />
7.Learn how to work both types of generators<br />
8.If I find a place to settle,It'd be too far and high for zombies to reach<br />
9.If I find a place to settle,I'll have it rigged like will smith did in "I am legend" and have the place boobie trapped just in case of people looking to take over.